Friday, November 19, 2010

AACN Voices Magazine: "Confidence to Stand Tall"

The AACN 2010-2011 theme is "Stand Tall", encouraging us to "speak up" and be proud!

Peggy Gauthier, President of the SGNA, shares 4 tips to build confidence in Voices Magazine!

1.  "Don't promise anything...unless you are absolutely sure you will follow through."  Set reachable goals and break down bigger tasks into smaller steps.

2.  Take calculated risks.  "Once in awhile it is okay to so something that scares you."

3.  Be prepared to "mow down" challenges "in the pursuit of confidence".

4.  Act confident even when you don't feel it.  Accept compliments gracefully, smiling and standing up straight-"Standing Tall".

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