Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Resveratrol References: As a post-workout tonic, I am not as sore !

The Mayo Clinic  http://bit.ly/cKXOIs 
"Most research on resveratrol has been conducted on animals, not people. In addition, to get the same dose of resveratrol used in the mice studies, a person would have to consume 100 to 1,000 bottles of red wine a day.  Some research shows that resveratrol could be linked to a reduced risk of inflammation and blood clotting, both of which can lead to heart disease. More research is needed before it's known whether resveratrol was the cause for the reduced risk.  The resveratrol in red wine comes from the skin of grapes used to make wine. Because red wine is fermented with grape skins longer than is white wine, red wine contains more resveratrol. Simply eating grapes, or drinking grape juice, has been suggested as one way to get resveratrol without drinking alcohol."

Oregon State University  http://bit.ly/9ODI6t

"Anti-inflammatory Effects 
Inflammation promotes cellular proliferation and angiogenesis and inhibits apoptosis (32). Resveratrol has been found to inhibit the activity of several inflammatory enzymes in vitro, including cyclooxygenase and lipoxygenase (33, 34). Resveratrol may also inhibit pro-inflammatory transcription factors, such as NFκB or AP-1 (35, 36)."

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