Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ideas to get your veggies in.....

Some ideas to get your veggies in:
1.  Guacamole-1/2 avocado, 4 oz. onion, 8 oz. tomato, lime juice, celery sticks to dip with.  Remember avocado comes off the fruit count.
2.  V8 juice low sodium served warm.  8 oz. of V8 can easily knock out 2 meals worth of veggie portions.
3.  Taking advantage of the morning meal by making a veggie omelet.
4.  Salads, of course! Vinaigrette dressing and 1/2 cup fresh fruit.
5.  Cucumbers when in doubt.  It goes down easy on the run, too.
6.  Baking sliced veggies in the oven when you are getting ready for dinner.  Slow baking makes them really yummy and rarely needs salt if you use herbs.

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