Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Case Study: Home Gym Program Sequence

A de-conditioned forty-something has a home gym and walks 3 miles twice weekly.  She is seeking a personal trainer to improve energy, tone and weight loss.  In this video, the trainer demonstrates a sequence of exercises that she is beginning with on her home gym equipment.  The goal is for increased flexibility and agility at the end of the 12 week program plan.

1.  Reclined Jacks with alternate single leg press
2.  Reclined Sit-Ups with full arm extension
3.  Reclined Pull-Ups with alternate hand grips
4.  Low Sitting Row with alternate hand grips
5.  Seated Hip Adduction in static row position
6.  Lateral Abdominal Crunch
7.  Abdominal Crawl
8.  Bent-knee Hip Adduction
9.  Bent-knee Push-ups
10.  Standing Bicycle
All exercises to be performed for a duration of 3-minutes for a 30-minute total body resistance with cardiovascular workout on designated days when not working with the personal trainer.

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