Thursday, August 4, 2011

Success Stories - Heather Fearneyhough - The Eat-Clean Diet®

Success Stories - Heather Fearneyhough - The Eat-Clean Diet®


My Journey:

Dear Tosca,

My grandmother gave me The Eat-Clean Diet® book as a gift a few months after my second son was born. I weighed 254 pounds and wore a size 20. I was absolutely miserable. After reading the book I started to take things at a gradual pace. The book has so much valuable information and I am so happy that Eating Clean has helped change my life.

Along with changing my nutrition I started to exercise. Exercising was the most difficult part for me. I started out by walking, and then gradually started to add weight training into my routine. Once I started using weights, I felt as if muscles I never knew I had were waking up from hibernation. I stayed sore for several months.

After I had shed almost half my weight my husband was so moved by my transformation that he also began following The Eat-Clean Diet himself to help keep me motivated. Together we prepped healthy meals for our family, teaching our two boys the nutritional value of Eating Clean. Not only has The Eat-Clean Diet helped improve my digestive system, it has also given me more energy and kicked my metabolism into overdrive.

I know without a doubt that if I hadn’t incorporated the Eat-Clean Diet lifestyle with my daily exercise routine, I would not be where I am now either physically or mentally. I truly feel that I am a walking testimonial to how the Eat-Clean Diet lifestyle changes your life tremendously. If you are serious about getting into the best shape of your life both inside and out, get The Eat-Clean Diet book. I promise it will work for you too!

Heather Fearneyhough
Lexington, SC

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