Saturday, September 3, 2011

Formula 55-Getting Rip!

TAMPA - A group of people have embraced modern technology and gotten ripped thanks to an app that they can access from their phone wherever they go.
Formula 55 is the right formula for a number of Bay Area athletes.
"I've been doing his cardio for over a year and a half and it's still a challenge," Monica Zayas said.
The program, designed by Beau Taillefer, can be used on your IPhone, IPad, or IPod Touch.
The concept is easy, however, the workouts are tough! Especially because athletes do a lot more reps.
"It's getting to the number ten the hard way," Taillefer said. "You start by doing one rep of an exercise and when I say two, you do one and two, and you keep repeating from one all the way to that number."
So after getting to ten the hard way, you will end up doing 55 reps!
"It is tough, very intense," Taillefer said.
The app and program has gotten people like Zayas into the best shape of her life. The mother of two was not always so trim though.
The librarian went from 200 pounds to about 125 and showed off her figure in a competition.
Social worker Sharina Edminston also lost a lot of weight. 43 pounds in six months.
"I do the cardio, nutrition, the weights," Edminston said.
Paula Signorelli has also seen results.
"I've lost about 45 pounds, and I lost that in the first three to four months and the last five months I've been maintaining," Signorelli said.
Music teacher, Nathaniel Strawbridge did the opposite though. He wanted to put on muscle and bulk up in a healthy way.
"I started at 147, I'm at about 163 now," Strawbridge said.
Taillefer says it is rewarding to watch his clients transform. However, there is one transformation that stands out in his mind. His wife Ingrid, who helped him develop the app, has lost more than 100 pounds!
"It didn't happen overnight, but she followed the formula and system," Taillefer said.
While the athletes say the app is easy to use, nutrition and lifting weights are also part of the plan. It is a plan they will continue to follow and carry with them wherever they go.
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