Monday, May 2, 2016

How I interpreted Dr. Emoto's Water Experiment in the NICU

A hospital child development specialist who supported my alternative healing efforts in the NICU told me about water experiments by Dr. Emoto.  It was the only sense of control I had.  I watched this video right before my daughter's tracheostomy surgery-it was her last chance at life.  For the week leading up to her surgery and for months after, I labelled all liquids that were in her room, IV bags, breast milk, medicine, syringes, drinking cups, ANYTHING!  
Love. Happy. Strong. Heal. Breath. Peace. Joy. Growth. Safe. Gratitude.  
I would take hospital tape and tag anything liquid.  I would repeat the words anytime I saw the tags.  To this day, when I drink water, or put anything in her G-tube, I find myself repeating nothing but these words.  GB2Kids TV

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